Papiamento Rum Aruba Reserve

A rum to talk, share, enjoy and revive your best moments with close friends!

The lively and intense character of Papiamento Aruba Reserve is the perfect expression of the One Happy Island spirit. Its innovative blend of Caribbean alcohols aged up to 15 years in a combination of old and new world barrels, lives up to its name.

Papiamento, a language that “blends” African, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Dutch and the words of the native Arawak people who inhabited the area before the conquest.

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Take a look into Bodegas Papiamento Aruba Reserve Rum

Aruba’s Best Storyteller

There is much to be said about Bodegas Papiamento Aruba Reserve Rum.

Its sweet, smooth and relaxed taste, is perfect for spending great moments with selected company.

“This premium sipping rum, is made to connect with our essence and to share our best memories with close friends”.

Whether you have been to Aruba or not, you have probably heard about the friendliness, happiness and willing to give memorable experiences to its visitors by its people. This is why Aruba is known as One Happy Island.

We named our brand Aruba Reserve, as the image of the island represents everything we were looking for in a product.

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